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Mom and Dad

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momanddadDuring their courting years, late teens, early 20’s….

Spiritual Healing

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Whent hurricanes Jeanne and Frances hit, two big trees in my yard toppled over, and within days, their leaves, bark and branches showed signs of decline. Without the connection to the earth, trees get sick and die. Same is true for us people. Spiritual wellness means being connected to the source. All things can look good on the surface–our appearance, our status, our relationships– but when we drift too far from our inner feeling core, we get ill. Then all else erodes around us.  To live out of integrity, out of touch or out of reach inevitably adds up to a malaise that easily manifests as physical woe. Healing our inner lives, or spiritual healing, is important because the body follows what is in the heart and mind. Why wait for the tree to collapse to discover the importance of being connected? Heed the warning signs before it’s too late. (more…)